Testovací prostředí (EAGRITEST)

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic

We take care of the harmonious development of agriculture and the landscape.

Pursuant to Act No. 2/1969 Coll., on the Establishment of Ministries and Other Central Government Authorities of the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Agriculture is the central body of the State administration of agriculture, water management, the food industry and forest management, hunting and fishing outside the National Parks.


The Ministry of Agriculture is also the central body of State administration in matters concerning commodity exchanges, which organises trade in goods from agricultural and forestry production, including products resulting from their processing. Furthermore it is the central body of State administration in matters of veterinary care, phytosanitary care, care of foodstuffs, the prevention of cruelty to animals and protection of the rights of new plant varieties and animal breeds.

The Ministry of Agriculture manages 43 subordinate organisations, closely co-operates with departmental research institutes, non-governmental organisations, individual professions and interest groups, associations and societies.

Working in tandem with the State Agricultural Intervention Fund, the Ministry of Agriculture carries out measures for the common organisation of the European Union’s markets, direct payments, national supplementary payments for direct support, structural support programmes and rural development programmes.

It is not the Ministry’s task to manage or plan agricultural, forestry or food production; instead it is to define the relevant legal regulations forming the borders in which our entrepreneurs can move. Whilst so doing, the Ministry of Agriculture stems from the government’s agricultural policy, the government’s programme declaration and the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union. Its aim is to support the “European Agricultural Model”, with an emphasis on developing multifunctional agriculture focusing on agricultural production, as well as on services that lead to landscape maintenance and creation, other environmental services and non-agricultural activities. Ever greater importance is given to a deeper connection between agriculture and rural development and renewal.

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